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Head of Department


Report from the Head of Department

The main role of this Department is to motivate origination of information on KIB products and services and make the same available, when and where necessary, to enhance public participation and uptake of the Institute’s products and services. The Department endeavors, as far as we can, to encourage availability of information in accessible format for all.

The main objective of the department is to increase public awareness of KIB products and services to enhance public uptake of the products and services
We run and maintain a modern Braille library, for the blind, the only one in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a wide range of access solutions for persons with visual impairments. We have material in Braille, audio and large print.
Installed in the library is a solution to help you access your print materials. You are able to interact with your print material in alternative formats, if you are without sight.
At the Institute is the only cyber café for persons living with visual impairment. The cyber has computers installed with screenreader software that enables a visually impaired user use a computer independently. The Institute offers training in Adapted ICT to enable users without sight to be competent computer users. Feel free to come and browse at our cyber and connect with other VI computer users.
We have internet access solutions with expertise to help you connect your smart devices for information access. We are able to offer services to convert your material into audio formats.
We have a working partnership with an online library that will give anyone access to thousands of books in a wide range of topical issues. This subscription is open to any person who is registered at the Kenya’s National Council for Persons With Disabilities as blind. We will assist you to enjoy this facility.
We have a heritage and resource centre for blind. We have in stock a number of artifacts that give historical development of assistive technology in the world of visual impairments. This centre is a rich source of information to scholars and anyone interested in knowledge.
We call upon the general public to come visit and gain knowledge on the products and services that the Institute offers. You will be able to link a person in need of the same to their destinies. Invite us to your exhibitions for us to show case our products and services to the public.
Get in touch on the provided contact details incase you have some artifacts that relate to Braille, and we shall gladly engage with a view to enriching the heritage centre.

Drop us an email and we will be glad to engage on issues relating to what we offer!!!
Thank you.

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