Administration Department

Kenya Institute for the Blind (KIB) is a public institution under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST). It is managed by a Board of Management (BOM) appointed by Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education Science and Technology. The Principal oversees the day to day running of the institute. He implements policies as deliberated and recommended by the BOM.

The core mandates of the institute are

1. To produce quality teaching, learning and other reading materials for learners and persons with visual impairment.
2. To provide educational rehabilitation to newly blinded learners and other persons as well as training persons who provide support services to Learners with visual impairment (LWVI)
3. To provide educational resource materials, assistive devices and information services   to learners and persons with visual impairment.

The institute has three departments which include production of Braille reading materials, educational rehabilitation & training and resources and information. These departments are managed by HoDs under the supervision of the Deputy Principal. The HoDs are assisted by heads of sections.

  1. Production of Braille reading materials
  2. Educational Rehabilitation and training
  3. Resources and Information
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